Valorant Vcruntime140 Dll Missing Error

Restart your computer and check if you’re able to use the affected app. Paste DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth in the terminal and press Enter. Press the Windows key + X and select Command Prompt . Grant the repair tool administrative access when prompted and wait until you get a success message. You should see a time estimate of how long the operation will take.

  • The VCRUNTIME140.dll file is related to Visual Studio 2015.
  • Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) is a single batch file installer that includes all Visual C++ libraries built in and a video tutorial is available.
  • Once completed, the application will show an alert indicating that the installation process was successful.
  • In this folder paste the vcruntime140.dll file .

Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix works with the new Windows 11 taskbar and does not require nasty changes like UndockingDisabled or restoration of the classic taskbar. It doesn’t change any system registry keys and does not inject any DLLs to other processes, so it’s a very portable solution. This program will not interrupt further windows updates as it doesn’t change any system files. It’s an independent C++ process that does all the job. Under ‘Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019’, download and install both thevc_redist.x86.exe(for 32-bit programs) and thevc_redist.x64.exe(for 64-bit programs).

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With WikiDll Fixer you can automatically repair vcruntime140_1.dll errors. If only one particular program is affected by this error, you should reinstall that program. Since programs have their own copy of the VCRUNTIME140.dll files, reinstalling those applications may resolve this issue. The steps above should help you to fix a “vcruntime140.dll is missing” error on your Windows 10 PC. The vcruntime140.dll file is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ software runtime library.

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download vcruntime140_dll at

VCRUNTIME140.DLL is part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. If its missing or corrupted, you might run into one of the listed pop-ups. System File Checker to finish scanning your computer.

Method 1: Repair Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Users who have installed the runtimes in the past will not need to do so again. After installing the runtimes, you may be asked to restart Windows. A later patch released tonight by Riot Games alerts users who start Valorant that they need to install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime.” Select the redistributable you want to remove, right-click, and select Remove. It is important that you make sure that the download source of the DLL file is reliable, so as not to contract any malware that puts your system at risk.

Disable any third-party tools you are using with the game and it’ll stop crashing. Check under “GPU Device Lost fix” above to see how you can cap the game’s max FPS and fix the Sniper Elite 5 in-game crash issue. To fix the GPU Device Lost error, players need to force the game to use the dedicated GPU.

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